House Raising in NJ

Hi there!  My name is Joseph Connely and I am a professional blogger and New Jersey native.

I’ve started this site because I, like many New Jersey residents, have suffered great loss and setbacks due to Superstorm Sandy.

I’ve begun the daunting task of interviewing contractors, talking to neighbors, and figuring out a plan of attack when it comes to house raising in NJ.  My goal is to provide other homeowners with as many resources as I can compile in order to make the long drawn out process of NJ House raising as painless as possible.

Like many other things, a good starting point is a Google Search.  You may try searching for terms such as “NJ  House raising”, “House lifting NJ”, “House Raising New Jersey”, etc…

This will give you an idea of what types of companies you can expect to find.  My first result was Structural Solutions of Nj… a company out of West Orange, catering to the Jersey Shore area.

An initial search of “House raising NJ” reveals over 13 million results on google!  Ok, so how do I go about narrowing those down to 1 company I can trust to take the home I’ve lived in for the last 30+ years and raise it over 10 feet from the ground?

That’s a good questions!  Now, I’m no expert… Just a guy that’s been faced with the same task  you are, and maybe I’ve gotten a bit of a head start, so I’ll give you some insight based on my own experience.  This Old House even had a 6 episode series about rebuilding at the shore.  You can see it here.

I’ve found that many of the companies offering house raising services in New Jersey are actually construction companies jumping on the house raising bandwagon.  Very few of them seem to actually possess the necessary expertise to perform a house lift safely.

Be sure that the company of your choosing does have coverage for house raising.  This will whittle down those 13 million results down to a handful, believe it or not!

So where do you go from here?

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, ask for references.  Make sure at least a few of the references date back multiple years.  You’ll want to interview a few homeowners that have dealt with the companies you’re considering years ago, to confirm that no problems manifested years after the job was performed.

I’m still in the interview phase and will publish my findings once I settle on a company.  Be sure to bookmark this site as I will update it frequently with progress photos as I go through my own personal NJ house raising project.

As a matter of fact, when push came to shove I found many of the companies I spoke to weren’t’ actually going to perform the work they were quoting me.  They were in a sense acting as a contractor and subbing out the work to one of the few companies actually qualified to lift a house.

It turns out there are only a handful of these so-called house raising companies that actually have the equipment, experience and insurance to raise a home.

“Insurance?” you may ask…  Doesn’t every construction company carry insurance?

Well, yes… But unless the company was already in the house lifting or house moving business, chances are they don’t have house raising insurance.  Insurance that actually covers house raising specifically, is extremely expensive, but necessary.